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1. By accessing and using this Site, including submitting an order and payment for any products, you agree to be legally bound by these terms as amended time to time.
2. The customer understands and agrees that any materials sold to them by qualityessaypaper.com is sold and solely aimed at guiding customers through their academic work.
3. Spotless Essays will ensure that all the materials delivered to you are original and free from errors. However, the company will retain any and all copyrights of materials and products.
4. Our products and services are rendered purely on academic assistance and do not constitute in any form professional advice or containing any form of professional specialism.
5. We assure our clients that their personal or other details will be confidential and will never be revealed to any third party. Please review our privacy policy.
6. The services provided by Spotless Essays will only be used for your personal use. The customer will not use the services for commercial purposes. Any displaying, distribution, transmitting or modifying of any materials from this website prior to written consent is prohibited by law. The company is, therefore, not liable for any unauthorized use of any materials from this website.
7. The company guarantees that all written materials supplied to the customers are plagiarism-free, by subjecting such works to scans by plagiarism software and to analysis by our Quality Assurance Team.
8. The customer acknowledges that any use by him or her of the products or services provided by Spotless Essays is made wholly on the customer’s own initiative and free decision. Further, the client agrees that Spotless Essays will have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any decision to use our materials which violates that client’s school, university or other educational institutions regulations or provisions governing academic work.
9. To place an order or to preview an order for any of the services required, the customer is required to submit a standard online order form. This form will specify among other things the type of work required.
10. By placing an order on the website you are making an offer to purchase a Product from our company. The product will not be made available until your payment has been authorized.
11. The Service Fee is calculated and payable in advance as set out in the Pricing section of the Website. Therefore, the company is under no obligation to provide the service until you have paid the fee.
12. As part of the registration process, customers are required to provide their name and email address (email address will be the username for the Site) and select a suitable password.
13. In the unlikely event, you are not satisfied or you decide to completely cancel the order because of justifiable reasons (e.g the assignment is no longer needed) and before the writer starts working on your paper, 100% refund will be given to you. However, if you cancel the order based on other justifiable reasons and after the writer has completed the paper or a portion of the paper, 70% refund shall be given upon the company completing a QA review. This follows the fact that the writer who starts on your assignment should receive the compensation for the work done.
Alternatively and upon your consent, the company will be obliged to do for your one term paper/assignment of your choice worth that money for free next time
14. In case the order is completed and subsequently delivered on your order page within the stipulated deadline, we do not offer refunds for cancellation. However, request for refunds might be considered due to quality concern provided the customer has not downloaded the paper. In the latter case, a refund of up to 30% might be taken into consideration.
15. The customer acknowledges that as soon as an order has been paid and a writer has began working on it, the customer is expected to be readily available as more information, pertaining to the order, might be required by the writer.
16. Once the order has been completed, the company does not grant refunds under any circumstance, unless specially stated in these terms.

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